Advantages of having your own domain name

Apart from having your own web site you can also set up various splash/capture pages. By having your own web space you can make different splash/capture pages which will allow you to carry out split testing. Split testing is where you have say two or three different capture pages and you send some of your traffic to each page. This way once you see which is getting more reaction you can then send all your traffic to that one and so increase your sign up ratio. Do you want to sell a specific product that you have resale rights to? There are 2 ways you can do this. Either set up a sub domain, or set up a specific sales page as part of the main domain. Lets say we have resell rights to product xyz. What can we do to sell it? First we can create a sub domain called xyz. Doing this would automatically create a folder called xyz in our server space in which we would place our sales page, and any other pages that go with it, and the images (preferably in a sub folder) for the pages. This would then have a URL Note that our main domain name URL is, and the sub domain name (in this case xyz) has replaced the www of the main domain name URL. The alternative with out using a sub domain would be to manually create a folder called xyz then as above place our sales pages and images in it. The difference would be in the URL used to call the sales page, which in this case would look like Note that the last slash is very important as it is telling the browser to find a file called either index.html or index.php in the folder xyz. If you have both then the html one always takes priority over the php if no file is specified as above. To get index.php to open if you have both an html and a php version you would have to use the following. Another advantage of having your own web space is you can create your own personalized email addresses. Such as However be warned that the following email addresses attract spam as fast as a new dung pile attracts flies,, Another thing to avoid with email addresses is do not put them on your web site. If you do you will find you will be swamped with spam, as spam bots will harvest your email address. This will also happen if you have a standard contact form on your site as well. I had one site that was getting well over 100 spam mails every day. However now I get none. I resolved this problem by removing the contact form and installing “My Contact Station”. At just $7 this script has more than paid for its self by stopping me wasting my time deleting spam from that one site alone and you can install it on as many sites as you want. I have it on several.

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