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Advantages of having your own domain name

Apart from having your own web site you can also set up various splash/capture pages.
By having your own web space you can make different splash/capture pages which will allow you to carry out split testing.

Split testing is where you have say two or three different capture pages and you send some of your traffic to each page. This way once you see which is getting more reaction you can then send all your traffic to that one and so increase your sign up ratio.

Do you want to sell a specific product that you have resale rights to?
There are 2 ways you can do this.

Either set up a sub domain, or set up a specific sales page as part of the main domain.
Lets say we have resell rights to product xyz. What can we do to sell it?

First we can create a sub domain called xyz. Doing this would automatically create a folder called xyz in our server space in which we would place our sales page, and any other pages that go with it, and the images (preferably in a sub folder) for the pages.
This would then have a URL Note that our main domain name URL is, and the sub domain name (in this case xyz) has replaced the www of the main domain name URL.

The alternative with out using a sub domain would be to manually create a folder called xyz then as above place our sales pages and images in it.
The difference would be in the URL used to call the sales page, which in this case would look like
Note that the last slash is very important as it is telling the browser to find a file called either index.html or index.php in the folder xyz. If you have both then the html one always takes priority over the php if no file is specified as above. To get index.php to open if you have both an html and a php version you would have to use the following.

Another advantage of having your own web space is you can create your own personalized email addresses. Such as
However be warned that the following email addresses attract spam as fast as a new dung pile attracts flies,,

Another thing to avoid with email addresses is do not put them on your web site. If you do you will find you will be swamped with spam, as spam bots will harvest your email address.
This will also happen if you have a standard contact form on your site as well.

I had one site that was getting well over 100 spam mails every day. However now I get none.
I resolved this problem by removing the contact form and installing “My Contact Station”.
At just $7 this script has more than paid for its self by stopping me wasting my time deleting spam from that one site alone and you can install it on as many sites as you want. I have it on several.

Wendys Web Page Design

Wendys Web Page Design

I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine that does graphic design work.

I met Wendy through a manual surf site (we are on the same team there) back in March this year (2008).
Between then and August We had a few casual exchanges and got to know a little about each other.

I knew she was doing some graphics work such as banners and splash pages for members of the surfing team and liked the results I saw, so had her produce me a new look banner for

On August the 2nd I went over to England to spend 4 days with my business partner to discuss various things, and during that time I also arranged to meet a couple of Internet friends as its always nice to meet in person and Wendy was one of them as she was only an hours drive from where I was staying.

We have become close Friends and I encouraged her to set up a web site and start doing graphics work as a business.

I had some clients that were asking me if they could get web pages designed and banners made and also one asking for a logo they could use on letterheads, business cards and so on.

I said I didn’t have the time but I knew someone that could do it for them and introduced them to Wendy.

Each of my clients that has used Wendy’s services has been very pleased with the results and the quality of the work done.

So if you need any graphics work done have a chat with Wendy and tell her Bj sent you.

You can contact Wendy through
Skype id wendywoo2805
MSN id

You can also place an inquiry free with no obligation via her web site

Wendys Web Page Design

Please note I make no profit from this recommendation.

Identity Theft Risk Management

Identity theft is the fastest growing white collar crime today. With identity theft rings turning this into a big business of “organized” crime it is almost impossible to keep up with all the innovations the thieves come up with. The average person is just now beginning to understand the financial impact, the impact of other types of identity theft isn’t even known in most cases.

As a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, I understand the value of education when it comes to protecting yourself against this crime. I also understand the need for some sort of response plan when it happens. I personally think the best response to identity theft is to have a plan in place that provides monitoring and notification but it cannot stop there. You need full restoration to put your identity back where it was before the thief stole it.

If you are going to have full restoration then you are going to have legal issues, and the cost of an attorney must also be addressed. I am proud to say I offer the only plan in existence today that fully covers you with monitoring, restoration, legal services and 24 hour access to an attorney for all legal emergencies.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about identity theft, products and services, or legal plan benefits. Please contact me any time.

Cheryl Baumgartner
Phone 1-210-317-7147

Why you need your own Web Site

Why you need your own Web Site

There are many people that think setting up a web site at one of the many free hosting sites is a quick way to get started on the Internet and make some money.

Well if you are just setting up a personal page and have no intentions of trying to make any money on the Internet they are a good solution. On the other hand if you do intend to use the site to help you earn an income then they are definitely not the way to go.

There are several reasons for this.

One of the biggest reasons is that most if not all free web site hosting companies place their own ads very prominently on your free site. This takes focus away from what you are promoting.

Many free hosting companies have restrictions on what you can do with your site.

These free hosting sites can at any time, as has happened in the past, suddenly turn round and say pay or lose your site.

Another problem is that when people see that you are using a free hosting site they are not going to take you seriously. If you are claiming to be making money then why are you using a free hosting?

If you are not making any claims but are promoting some money making program/business then the question that comes to mind is why is this person using a free hosting site if they are promoting these programs/businesses that claim to make you money, surely if the programs are working for them they should be able to afford to set up their own domain.

There is also the problem that if you do start with a free site and have worked hard to get traffic to it then when you are ready to expand and get your own domain name you will find all that hard work has been wasted and you have to start all over again building traffic to your new domain.

If you want to build a business and be taken seriously then you need to invest a little time and money and do it right.

I will take you through the steps that are needed to get yourself set up in the following articles.

Bill Brown aka Bjantiques

Skype id Bjantiques
PalTalk id Bjantiques
Telephone +447824804255

Points to consider when looking for hosting

Points to consider when looking for hosting.

There are literally hundreds of hosting services to be found on the Internet. These range from the big well known companies down through the smaller independent operations, and down to the one/two man operations that are resellers for the bigger companies.

So How do you decide who is right for you?


Is support by ticket only or can you actually talk to someone live and if so can they take action for you or do they have to pass everything on to someone else?

What is the turn round time for support? How long does it take to get a ticket answered?

Can you talk to the company before you sign up for a hosting package to ensure you get the package that is right for you, not the package that earns them the most money

We have clients that can testify that they came to us fully prepared to buy the premium package and after discussing their needs we have convinced them to invest in an economy package.
Why? Because we serve your best interests.

Pitfalls to watch out for.

Undeliverable promises

Many companies these days offer “unlimited” bandwidth and / or disk space.Lets face it, nothing is unlimited, there will more than likely be a fair usage policy hidden somewhere in small print.

Drive size

Most Server Hard drives are at most 500Gb to 1000Gb (although now there are larger drives coming on to the market but these are not very common yet). And most servers have 1 or at best 2 drives in them.Based on this information a company offering 200Gb of drive space, could only have a maximum of 5 clients per server! This is a totally unrealistic number unless they are prepared to run their business at a loss as server costs would far outweigh the income.The only way they can make their server viable is to oversell the space and then hope and pray that most of their clients will not actually use all the space they have been allocated.Which of course, they probably won’t as most web site owners only need a small amount of disk space and 500 Mb is far more than enough for most purposes, especially if you are not planning on using data bases.The hosting companies don’t tell you this in their hype. They just sell you 200GB, knowing you are paying for something you are never going to use. And if you tried to use it, you would quickly discover it wasn’t in fact yours, but was shared with every other website owner!


This again is in most cases oversold by most companies and again they hope and pray that most of their clients will not use very much.

When LowCost-Webspace was set up we did various calculations based on

The amount of disk space available to us
The amount of bandwidth allocated by the Data center
The disk space usage of an average website
The average bandwidth used by an average website owner
The necessity of a reserve drive and bandwith space for anyone that needs any extra over and above the standard package allocations.

LowCost Webspace guarantees to NEVER oversell disk space. We invest in extra drive space and / or bandwidth according to the need of our customers. If you need more, we buy more. We do not simply let you use someone else’s in the hope that they don’t need it.

Bill Brown aka Bjantiques

Skype id Bjantiques
Telephone +447824804255

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