Don’t just sign up for a hosting account

Don’t just sign up for a hosting account. One mistake many people make, especially those just starting out, is to rush out and get a domain name and a hosting package and then it just sits there with nothing on it while they figure out what they want to do with the site and then build it. Your first step should always be decide what you are going to do with your site then find an appropriate domain name that is available. You can register the domain name before you invest in hosting but you will probably find it beneficial to talk to your proposed web host first. Should you choose LowCost-Webspace I will help you in choosing a domain name suitable to what you need and you will also be able to decide what type of hosting package you need before you even start making your site. When registering your domain name, we recommend and they are our preferred Domain name registration service. Once you have your domain name registered, you can point that domain to another site, while you are waiting to get your site up and running with your own hosting. Once you have your own site built, you are ready to purchase a hosting package! Here is what I do want you to do. To ensure you get cheap site hosting that fits your needs, I want you to get on Skype, (you can download it free from here if you don’t already have it) add Bjantiques to your contacts, and talk to me. (You can always click on the Skype button on the right hand side of this page to contact me. If it happens to say offline try anyway, sometimes the button does not reflect my true status) LowCost-Webspace is committed to ensuring we only accept suitable clients to whom we are 100% confident we can offer the exact package that fits their requirements. We cannot keep that committment if we do not speak with them first. Bill Brown aka Bjantiques

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