New server at Lowcost-webspace.

In the ever continuing quest to improve service to their clients LowCost-Webspace has completed moving all clients to a new server. Moving to a new server always carries a certain amount of risk, in that something may not function exactly as it did on the previous server. Thanks to the preparation and testing carried out before moving all clients, 99% of these potential pitfalls were avoided. Clients were kept informed at every step and the co-operation from them played a large part in being able to have such a painless move. Nothing is perfect in this world no matter how much we want it to be and Lowcost-Webspace is not ashamed to stand up and say there were a couple of minor hiccups. However they were quickly and efficiently dealt with. All in all LowCost-Webspace are pleased to say that the change over went very smoothly and with no interruption to service for their clients. The new dual core 3.0Ghz processor and changing to a 100MB port allow faster processing and Internet access The server software was also upgraded and the latest stable versions of Apache, PHP, and MySql were installed.

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