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Don’t just sign up for a hosting account

Don’t just sign up for a hosting account.

One mistake many people make, especially those just starting out, is to rush out and get a domain name and a hosting package and then it just sits there with nothing on it while they figure out what they want to do with the site and then build it.

Your first step should always be decide what you are going to do with your site then find an appropriate domain name that is available. You can register the domain name before you invest in hosting but you will probably find it beneficial to talk to your proposed web host first. Should you choose LowCost-Webspace I will help you in choosing a domain name suitable to what you need and you will also be able to decide what type of hosting package you need before you even start making your site.

When registering your domain name, we recommend and they are our preferred Domain name registration service.
Once you have your domain name registered, you can point that domain to another site, while you are waiting to get your site up and running with your own hosting.

Once you have your own site built, you are ready to purchase a hosting package!

Here is what I do want you to do.

To ensure you get cheap site hosting that fits your needs, I want you to get on Skype, (you can download it free from here if you don’t already have it) add Bjantiques to your contacts, and talk to me.

(You can always click on the Skype button on the right hand side of this page to contact me. If it happens to say offline try anyway, sometimes the button does not reflect my true status)

LowCost-Webspace is committed to ensuring we only accept suitable clients to whom we are 100% confident we can offer the exact package that fits their requirements. We cannot keep that committment if we do not speak with them first.

Bill Brown aka Bjantiques

The Story Behind LowCost-Webspace

LowCost-Webspace is a small friendly independent company born out of the frustration of broken promises, poor service and a general lack of interest in our needs from the various companies we had our sites hosted with.

During our time of hosting our sites with various hosting companies, we found that they all had one thing in common – a severe lack of interest is us, their customers.

All they were really worried about was ensuring that we paid them on time. And yes, we realize that they were running a business, and having bills paid on time is an important part of that business. However, the single most important part of running a business is ensuring customers are happy with the service you provide!

What we discovered was support was extremely difficult to get and any replies we did receive,

were not fully explained
were totally unconnected to what we had asked.
Only responded to part of the problem resulting in a resubmission being necessary to obtain further answers.
resubmitted tickets being answered by someone else who would ask us to supply information which had already been supplied previously.

The end result was that problems were regularly left unanswered for days at a time. We could not get to talk to anyone to resolve things quickly. It was always “send a ticket and wait up to 24 hours for a reply”. When the reply was not sufficient, “resubmit the ticket and wait up to 24 hours” and so it went on.

This is not the best solution when you are in the middle of an advertising campaign and your site is not functioning as it should. The potential loss of customers and sales is huge!

Finally, enough was enough. LowCost-Webspace was born when my partner and I decided to start as resellers in order to try to give our friends the benefit of our experience. We were determined to offer cheap site hosting with high quality support.

However, we quickly discovered that even as a reseller, the main hosting companies were not really interested in their clients and were mainly concerned with overselling their resources to as many people as possible rather than actually looking after the interest of their clients.

Due to the lack of support and consistent problems with web site down times caused by too many clients on the server, we decided it was time to get our own dedicated server and become independent.

As we were still quite new to hosting we invested in the best Server Management team available and had them do the initial setting up of the server for us.
As soon as it was ready we moved all our clients over to the new server and dumped the company that we were reselling for.

This now gives us the ability to actually be able to offer cheap site hosting and to respond very quickly to our clients when they need us rather than 24 hours too late. We had already decided that communication with our clients was our first priority.

With a huge learning curve and a lot of help from a great server management team, we are now normally able to respond to emergencies for our clients far quicker than most of the companies we have experienced in the past.

Bill Brown aka Bjantiques

LowCost-Webspace Web Site Hosting Web site hosting

Lowcost-webspace was registered 2005-04-02 and although we did start as a reseller, due to the poor quality of service we were getting from the company we were reselling for we decided to dump them and get our own server.

With our high quality, cheap site hosting we offer various hosting packages priced so that anyone can afford them. Hence our name lowcost-webspace. By offer a high quality but cheap site hosting service with the added advantage of personal contact we get to know our clients very well. This allows us to fit the right package to their needs, both current and what they will need as they grow, without paying over the top when first starting out.

They get to know that they can contact us and more importantly, actually talk to us so that we can work with them and endeavor to assist them all we can.

We work live with our clients using Skype as the preferred medium when they need help thus giving the personal touch.
Using Skype allows instant two way communication which is far better than going back and forth with emails.

We encourage potential clients to contact us before they take a hosting package with us. This helps them get what they really need not what they have been led to believe they need by some fast talking sales person. We wont try to sell the person a Cadillac if they only need a compact just as we wont sell them a compact if they need a Cadillac to put it in understandable terms.

Another thing that sets apart from the mainstream is we guarantee not to oversell our server capacity. As mentioned above we are not resellers we have our own servers and we also have a very professional server management team that monitors our server 24/7 for us and are there if we need anything doing that we can not do ourselves.

Bill Brown aka Bjantiques

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