The Low Cost Webspace Splash Page Promotion Tool

The Low Cost Webspace¬† Splash Page Promotion Tool Is a brand new concept in Splash page promotion. Designed, developed and written by me(Bjantiques), it puts You in control of the site promotion that your members do. Have you had members promoting a splash page that is no longer valid? or had members promoting special offer splash pages long after the promotion has ended? Even worse, have you had a special offer splash page made and then most of your members have not promoted it? NO MORE! Introducing the Low Cost Webspace¬† Splash Page Promotion Tool The LCW Splash Page Promotion Tool allows you to control which of your splash pages is being shown by all your members and will automatically change it after a predetermined number of days of your choice. You give your members just one link to use for your splash page promotion, and the Low Cost Webspace¬† Splash Page Promotion Tool takes care of the rest. This solves the problem of members having to change all their links in the numerous Traffic Exchanges they belong to. It also ensures that Special Promotions are shown for the period that you have set. All you need to do is set up your Special Splash Page and put in a start and end date. The start and end dates can be anything from 1 day to months ahead of the day you set it up. The Splash Page Promotion Tool will then make sure that It starts showing on the start date and will stop showing on the end date totally automatically. Splash pages lose effect after being shown for some time, so they need to be changed at regular intervals. What do you do with that splash page that is not getting click through’s any more? You cant dump it because that may cause dead links for your members that are trying to promote your site for you. But if you could take it out of circulation for a month or so then use it again, those click through’s will go back up. The problem in doing this is that you cant get all your members to do it at the same. That is until NOW, The Low Cost Webspace Splash Page Promotion Tool will do it for you Automatically.

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