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Wendys Web Page Design I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine that does graphic design work. I met Wendy through a manual surf site (we are on the same team there) back in March this year (2008). Between then and August We had a few casual exchanges and got to know a little about each other. I knew she was doing some graphics work such as banners and splash pages for members of the surfing team and liked the results I saw, so had her produce me a new look banner for Lowcost-webspace.com. On August the 2nd I went over to England to spend 4 days with my business partner to discuss various things, and during that time I also arranged to meet a couple of Internet friends as its always nice to meet in person and Wendy was one of them as she was only an hours drive from where I was staying. We have become close Friends and I encouraged her to set up a web site and start doing graphics work as a business. I had some clients that were asking me if they could get web pages designed and banners made and also one asking for a logo they could use on letterheads, business cards and so on. I said I didn’t have the time but I knew someone that could do it for them and introduced them to Wendy. Each of my clients that has used Wendy’s services has been very pleased with the results and the quality of the work done. So if you need any graphics work done have a chat with Wendy and tell her Bj sent you. You can contact Wendy through Skype id wendywoo2805 MSN id twoplus4@hotmail.com You can also place an inquiry free with no obligation via her web site Wendys Web Page Design Please note I make no profit from this recommendation.

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