Why should I listen to Bjantiques?

“Why should I listen to what Bjantiques says?” Well the fact is, no one says you should take any notice of what I say. It will be up to you to read what I say and then it is your free choice to decide what you do with what you have read. Ignore it, disagree with it, file it under “R” for rubbish, use it, agree with it, apply it, integrate it into what you do, there are so many options. What is important is YOU have the free will to do what you want. This applies to everything you see, hear, and read no matter where you find it or who posts it. It is your fundamental right of FREE WILL and you should never give up that right. You will find, unlike many, I will not say “YOU MUST” do this, “YOU MUST NOT” do that. What I will do is give my point of view and if I think it is good or bad then you can take it or leave it, with no coercion or pressure from me. You will find that I am to the point and do not sugar coat things. We are not little children we are supposed to be adults and as adults we need to face reality if we want to get ahead, especially on the Internet. One of my long-standing friends (yes I do have some :D) used a very good descriptive word that has stayed in my mind ever since I first heard him use it. That word is “Sheeple”. We were talking about how some people despite all the indisputable evidence were still blindly following and doing what the owner of a certain program was saying. Yes this owner fooled me as well for quite a long time. I am not ashamed to admit it, and it continued until I finally realized things were not adding up and I took several steps back and started my own analysis of events, and finally saw the truth. The point I am making is I had been one of the “Sheeple”, following blindly and not thinking for myself. Where this owner was concerned I had given up my FREE WILL and was blindly doing his bidding. Please do not let this happen to you. It is not a good idea to take things at face value. Blindly following some ones every word. It is better to look at it from all angles. Think carefully and not jump in blindly to something just because someone has the “Gift of the Gab” as the Irish say. Bill Brown aka Bjantiques Skype id Bjantiques Telephone +447824804255

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